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Established by Ryan Grasso in 2008 while working for the family owned real estate appraisal company, Grasso Appraisal Services. By utilizing the appraisers’ residential property expertise in combination with the knowledge of running a complex day to day operation, Prime Valuation Services hit the ground running. Starting with a handful of inspectors covering small pockets throughout Massachusetts, Prime has grown substantially over the past decade, developing close and long standing relationships with a large network of dedicated independent contractors and clients spanning throughout the New England region. Our network of skilled professionals has enabled us to complete tens of thousands of inspections on a yearly basis.

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Prime Valuation Services is committed to continuing the company’s growth, while maintaining our well earned reputation for quality reporting. This is achieved by maintaining a specialized in house staff to individually review each report submitted, consistently auditing our contractors’ field work and guaranteeing the final report meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. We pride ourselves in being a company that is not largely automated and out of touch with the important details pertinent to our clients needs. At the end of the day our most important objective is to provide an honest and accurate report for all parties involved.

Prime Valuation Services, Inc. provides a full range of home inspection services to the insurance industry. Through our detailed inspections, we provide analyses of individual properties, as well as overall portfolio risk exposure to our clients. We are uniquely positioned to provide large-scale portfolio evaluations, and can tailor inspection parameters and inspection reporting to meet each client's specific needs.

Open Space Office


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